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Socks from your fiber! 

I will create sock yarn from your fiber. I will do most any blend you wish. Of coarse you'll want comfort and durability to guide your choices of fiber, but YOUR own animal's fiber actually made into an end product that could potentially be the most treasured item in your farm store or display at shows! 


Prices for Processing

  • $6/lb for scouring/washing based on incoming weight

  • $7/lb if dehairing is necessary, it would be wise to choose fiber with minimal guard hair to avoid this process and cost. Remember we want to keep the socks at a reasonable price.

  • $25/lb for yarn on cones, this yarn will be approximately 2900 yyp


Prices for Socks

NOTE: There is a 10 lb minimum requirement and a 2 lb minimum designated per style & size.

  • $5/pair of Ankle Socks

  • $6/pair of Crew Socks

  • $7/pair of Boot Socks


Sizes of socks

  • Small: women 4.5-7

  • Medium: women 7.5-10, men 6-8.5

  • Large: women 10.5-13, men 9-11.5

  • X-large: men 12-14


I have found that 10 pounds of yarn will approximately yeild 45 pairs of sock. Variables will be style and size.


For any questions or to inquire about the current turnaround time, use the below message box to contact me directly!