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What fibers should be used for rug yarn? If the fiber is unable to be made into a beautiful consistent knitting or weaving yarn, whether it be because of quality or length of the staple. It is a struggle to turn fiber 2 inches or shorter into yarn, but it makes a great rug yarn. Farmers generally use the lesser quality fibers and seconds for rug yarn.

How much fiber is needed for rugs? This answer varies slightly depending on the grease and debris in the fiber. With sheep wools, it is not uncommon to loose up to 50% in washing and processing. With alpaca and llama, you may only loose 20%. It requires approximately 1 lb of rug yarn for 3 woven square feet.

Rugs are woven by Lindsay on either of her looms, a Leclerc 36" floor loom or a larger 46" counter balance loom. These are the maximum widths, lengths can be variable. Special request and custom rugs from llama and sheep wool are available. Contact me with your ideas and requests. I usually have a plentiful supply of various colors of llama fiber. Price for custom woven rugs is $15/square foot.

             60" X 36" = 2160 square inches / 144" per square foot = 15 square feet X $15 = $225

At this time, the rugs are finished with hemmed ends only (no fringe). Hems are folded and sealed with bonding tape and then hand stitched by Lindsay up into the rug for maximum durability. 

To clean your rug, vacuum with a smooth surface attachment and shake outdoors. If washing is necessary, it can be done in the tub with warm soapy water or outdoors with the garden hose. Use minimal agitation to prevent excessive felting. Lay flat or hang to dry. Use a towel to soak up water for quicker drying.

To see what rugs are for sale, look in the shop!

To have your own rugs made, email me! Here is an estimate of the costs to have rugs made:

          Washing of Raw Fiber or Wool $7/ lb based on incoming weight

          Rug Yarn made from the Fiber $17/lb  based on finished weight

          Woven Rug is $5/ square foot (3' x 5' = 15' x $5/ft = $75)

         Approximate cost per square foot if you supply the fiber $13

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