Skirting Your Fiber

Keep in mind I want to keep a respectable name in the industry and do not want to significant vegetable matter in the yarn or roving. As do you, but afterall the fleece is worn all year. The dehairing and carding machines will eliminate minor debris but larger pieces and matted fibers will need to be taken out. Manure tags should be removed prior to washing. If you want more suggestions for skirting your own fiber, please contact me. Often times, a fiber tumbler will help significantly.



Price is based on incoming weight. I use a professional scouring agent called EcoScour 305.



This service is beneficial on a fleece with guard hairs. Also works taking out short fibers known as second cuts. Price is calculated based on weight prior to dehairing.



For yarn, this cost is already calulated in the price set for yarn. It is not added on. Roving dropped into bag & batts or clouds is $8.00/lb. Roving into balls or bumps $9.00/lb. Measured balls or bumps $10.00/lb. Price is calculated based on outgoing weight.


Blending or Extra passes through the carder

Excessive debris or cutting fibers longer than 8”. Price is calculated based on weight prior to 2nd round of carding.



Sock yarn, Fingering, Sport, DK, Worsted, Aran, Bulky or Lopi...this price is for any and all ply yarns for all types of fiber! I have a steamer and cone winder for yarn on cones, priced at $25/lb. Skeined yarn is $31/lb and will be washed prior to sending home.


Rug Yarn

Twine or cotton core


Scouring/Washing ONLY

Maybe you'd like to have your fleece washed for you to work with for carding.


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