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Breeding Harlequin and

Tri Colors

As of 5/26/2019, these are the planned litters:

  • I am expecting a litter from Kurth's Mariah and Ridgeline's Eric on Memorial Day 2019. There is a current wait list established for these kits but please message me with your request. This is a harli harli cross.

  • Kurth's Joy was bred to TheAngoraBunnyBarn Andy, and guess what?!, I never wrote down the breeding date. So I'll estimate she's due around June 10th. Joy has always given me very nice kits and I tend to keep one or two from her litters This is a tri color harli cross.

If you are serious and considering harlequin and tri color angoras, I recommend you do a lot of research and visit these websites for guidance. This color is beautiful and a breeding program can be very rewarding with the right advice. I stumbled upon it by accident from a past llama connection. I got lucky with the breeding pair she had set me up with and little did I know that good quality harlis and tri color would be so hard to come by.

Amy's Rabbit Ranch

E Locus Rabbit

Understanding Color Genetics

The Nature Trail

Shandy (doe)

Shandy came from Nikol Gray (Missouri). She is a split faced Japanese-Black Harlequin. She has had a litter with Lance (tri color buck) and we had some great marked babies of Japanese- Black Harlequin, Blue Fawn Harlequin and Tri Colors. I want to breed her to Wade in March of 2018.

Oceanside Numbus x MWB's Percillas Harlequin

Almond (doe)

Almond is a lightly marked fawn and blue harlequin. 

Wade x Peanut

Joy (doe)

Joy is a lightly marked tricolor doe whom resembles her mother, Peanut. Big ears too!

Wade x Peanut

George (buck)

This buck is a tri color with excellent coverage of equal black and orange. He has a split mustache, half being orange and the other black. I am very anxious to see what markings we can produce from him.

Shandy x Lance

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